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Event Criteria

As this page is designed to be both a resource for info seekers, it is also a place for event and meeting planners. In order to keep things in a nice orderly fashion, we must have a few ground rules for posting events.


Things we want to see:

    + Community events (Open to the public)
    + Fundraisers/Galas
    + Ticketed events
    + Athletic competitions (runs, races, soccer tournaments, etc)
    + Major events (things that will draw 500+ people)

Things we may not allow:

    - Weddings
    - Weekly, reoccurring events/meetings
    - Member only events/meetings

If you have questions, you are always encouraged to ask!


We want to ensure everyone’s event is as successful and profitable as possible. Here are a list of resources to help you plan:

Lodging Partners (via the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce)
Meetings Rooms (link coming soon)

Also, please check out other community calendars: